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near the confluence of the Krsna with the Malapaharl and
destroyed him with his army. Having plundered the city of
Vldyanagara, the three Padushahs returned with their troops to
Bijapur; and Vidyanagara gradually fell into ruin. Sub-
sequently the kingdom fell into a state of anarcby and the
depredations of the palaigars resulted in the dispersion of
the people in diiferent directions. The village thereupon fell
into complete ruin.

Kaijly&t a/SittJaySji : Z. R> 40, pp. 301-2.

Koneti Rangaraja -was governing the fort of Grutti during
Aliya Ramaraja's rule. The live Padushahs  Alii Ahdal Shah
of Bijapur. Badar Nizam Shah, Kutub Shah, etc.  having
united together marched upon the Narapati, the king of kings,
and engaged him in a battle. As the forces of the Eaya vrere
not strong enough, they cut off his head and overthrew the

t of Yayra-Timmarnftueruv* : ,. #. 39, p. 47-

"While Aliya Ramaraja -was governing the kingdom, the
live Muharamadiin Padnshalis  Kutubu Shah of Hyderabad,
Alii Adal Shah of Bijapur, Sizam Shah Bahad! (Bhairy) of
Ahmadnagar, Xizam Shah of Danlatabad * and linad-ui-Mulk
of Birad-Btirhanpur  advanced -with, their armies, and having-
rebelled against Aliya Ramaiuya defeated him in battle, *nd!
cut oii his liead. They took possession of the kingdom.

: L. R. 39, p. 232

Then, the Padushahs of Deccan, having joined together,
slew Ramaraya, on account of religious hatred, and annexed
the territories.

t of SXxttrS&Zr : Z. J?. 99 p. 50^

* This is ctitiinly * mistake.   Th* correct Ami* is B*xSd Shlb oC BfcUj.